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Small Business

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After running my own online shop, I learned a lot about how to market a shop, draw in customers and make sales. The hardest part about running a small business is balancing you talents as a maker of high quality products with being an adept marketer and salesperson. There’s getting started, there’s brand image, there’s social media, there’s nuisances & netiquette, there’s copywriting, there’s pricing to all think about. It’s basically a marketing persons’ paradise! But for a lot of artists that’s not what they want to focus on. Artists want to have time to be inspired and create and that isn’t always easy to do when you are bogged down with running a business.

I can provide you the set up, the tools, the graphics, and yes, even, the copy editing to help you start off on the right foot with your business. I make it Oh So Simple to run your small business!

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